Cruise Insurance

A chance to celebrate 20 years of marriage and three wonderful children. An opportunity to visit that dream destination with longtime friends. What could possibly go wrong?

Leave life’s worries ashore.

Did you know:

  • More than 20 percent of all flights in the U.S. ran late in 2013, raising your risk of missing embarkation.
  • Over 21.8 million bags were mishandled in 2013.

Will you be able to find a new flight? Get emergency medical care? Or find assistance with your luggage? Yes. Yes and yes. Allianz, the cruise insurance experts, will be there to help.

It’s smooth sailing from here. When you’re protected with Allianz travel insurance for cruises, you can sit back and enjoy the ride. The Allianz Classic Plan gives you:


  • Missed connection coverage
  • Primary emergency medical and dental coverage
  • Baggage loss/damage protection
  • 24/7 travel assistance
  • Trip cancellation, and more!

Want to know a few more benefits of Allianz insurance?


  • We offer more coverage than cruise line insurance. Cruise lines offer limited protection and credit vouchers. Allianz provides up to 100% cash back reimbursement up to the purchased amount for reasons such as covered trip interruption, lost tickets and flight delays before departure.
  • We make sure you pack peace of mind. The Department of Transportation estimates that it takes an airline anywhere from four weeks to three months to pay you for your lost luggage. If your luggage doesn’t make the trip, Allianz travel cruise insurance provides coverage to replace needed items right away.
  • We’re there when your passport is not. Did you know more than 300,000 U.S. passports are reported lost or stolen each year? If you lose yours, we’ll be there to expedite the process for replacing it and even pay for a new one.